(a)   Except as provided in section 5-208, if the applicant is a current resident of Wabaunsee County, Kansas, upon receipt of an application for a license and payment of the license fee, the city clerk shall issue the license. Such license shall contain the signature and seal of the issuing officer and shall show the name and address of the licensee, the date of issuance and length of time the license shall be operative, and the nature of the business involved. The city clerk shall keep a permanent record of all such licenses issued and submit a copy of such license to the chief of police. The licensee shall carry the license certificate at all times.
   (b)   If the applicant is not a current resident of Wabaunsee County, Kansas, a license will not be issued until after investigation and payment of the investigation fee as provided in sections 5-205:206. (Ord. 390; Code 2015)