Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the meaning of words and terms as used in this article shall be as follows:
   (a)   Adjacent Grade – Adjacent grade shall be construed as the average grade measured at a point three feet on either side of the fence. In the case of a fence on a retaining wall, adjacent grade shall be the grade of the top of the wall.
   (b)   Decorative Fence – shall mean any fence not exceeding 3.5 feet in height measured from the finished grade of the lot or property upon which the fence is being erected and the solid area thereof does not exceed 50% of the total fence surface. Such fences are intended to add beauty and should not substantially block the view so as to maintain the open space characteristic provided by applicable zoning standards.
   (c)   Fence – any permanent partition, structure, or gate erected as a dividing marker, barrier, or enclosure, including hedges or living bushes or shrubs, encircling either wholly or any portion of any area.
   (d)   Height – The average distance between the top element in the fence and the adjacent grade over a straight section of fence with no corners.
   (e)   Protective Measures Fence – A fence erected for the express purpose of protecting an enclosed area and the property therein, or a fence intended to deny access to a dangerous property or location. (Ord. 470; Code 2015)