Chap. 701. General Provisions.
Chap. 705. Emergency Medical Services.
Chap. 707. Ambulance Service Improvement.
Chap. 709. Amusements.
Chap. 713. Medical Marijuana Entities.
Chap. 717. CATV Customer Service Standards.
Chap. 721. Circuses, Theaters and Skating Rinks.
Chap. 725. Closing-Out and Fire Sales.
Chap. 729. Coin-Operated Devices.
Chap. 733. Dances and Dance Halls.
Chap. 734. Criminal Activity Nuisances.
Chap. 735. Emergency Alarm Equipment.
Chap. 741. Junk Shops and Junk Yards.
Chap. 742. Local Bidder Preference.
Chap. 743. Oil and Gas Wells.
Chap. 745. Poolrooms, Billiard Rooms and Bowling Alleys.
Chap. 747. Refuse Hauling.
Chap. 748. Late Night Retail Sales.
Chap. 757. Taxicabs and Personnel Transportation Vehicles.
Chap. 763. Adult Cabaret Business.
Chap. 765. Solicitors.
Chap. 771. Unit Rating and Registration.
Chap. 775. Video Service Providers.
Chap. 781. Sweepstakes Terminal Café.
Chap. 791. Vacant Property Registry.