It shall be unlawful to provide, place or offer for use or to use a shared on-demand personal mobility device, or to operate as a shared on-demand personal mobility device operator in any street or public right of way, or other public place within the city in which the public has the right of travel.
   (A)   The Alhambra Police Department and any persons authorized by the city and having the duty to enforce this code are hereby authorized to impound the shared on-demand personal mobility devices of any person or shared on-demand personal mobility device operator violating the provisions of this chapter. The impound shall be subject to an impound fee established by City Council resolution.
   (B)   The City Manager may promulgate regulations for the notification to the operator and return of the devices to the operator and as may otherwise be necessary to implement the purpose of this chapter. Any device not retrieved within 90 days of notice shall be subject to disposal.
(Ord. 4746, passed 11-26-18; Am. Ord. 4747, passed 12-10-18)