(A)   False statements.  No person required by any provisions hereof to furnish a statement shall in such statement give any false or fictitious address or any address other than a true address or intended address, or furnish in the making of any such report any false, untrue or misleading information or statement, relating to any information required by any of the provisions hereof to be made or furnished.
   (B)   Continuing offense.  The duty to furnish statements when and in the manner provided by the provisions hereinbefore set forth is hereby declared to be a continuing one, and for each day that any person required under the provisions hereinbefore set forth to furnish a statement fails to do so, such failure shall constitute a separate offense; provided, however, that no person may be convicted more than once on account of violations occurring by reason of failure, on a series of days, to furnish such statements; provided, further, that nothing contained herein shall be deemed a bar to subsequent prosecu-tions for violations of the provisions of the sections occurring subsequent to a prior conviction or acquittal of a violation thereof.
('86 Code, § 9.68.060) (Ord. 2703, passed  - - )  Penalty, see § 9.68.070