(A)   The City Public Works Director or his/her designee shall cause written notice to be issued to abate graffiti located on a property which is visible from public or private property. The Notice To Abate Graffiti (“notice”) shall be served upon the owner(s) of the affected property, as such owner's name and address appears on the last equalized property tax assessment roll of the county. The notice shall also be served on any commercial tenant in possession or control of the property. If there is no known address for the owner, the notice shall be posted on the property. The notice may also be served on any person that is in charge or control of the property. The method of service may be any one or a combination of the following:
      (1)   By personal service;
      (2)   By registered or certified mail.
   (B)   All graffiti located on the property shall be removed or painted over within seven days from the date of the notice. Any person having an objection to the notice shall submit any objection in writing to the City Public Works Department within seven days from the date of the notice. If the notified person fails to abate the graffiti or submit an objection within seven days from the date of the notice, city employees or private contractor employed by the city may request the property owner's consent to enter upon the affected property and abate the graffiti by removal or painting over the graffiti. The cost of abatement by the city employees or its private contractor may be assessed upon the affected property and, upon recordation in the office of the County Recorder of a notice of lien, such costs shall constitute a lien upon the land until paid.
('86 Code, § 9.57.110) (Ord. 4251, passed  - - )