(A)   The City Council may make modifications in individual cases, upon a showing of good cause, with respect to the height, nature or location of fence, wall, gates or latches, or the necessity therefor, provided the degree of protection is not reduced thereby.
   (B)   The City Council may permit other protective devices or structures to be used so long as the degree of protection afforded by the substitute devices or structures is not less than the protection afforded by the fence, gate and latch described in this chapter.
   (C)   Upon the application of a property owner, the City Council may grant extensions of time for compliance, in individual cases, upon a showing of good cause. The provisions of § 9.52.010 of this code shall not apply to public swimming pools for which a charge of admission price is required to be paid for the use thereof.
('86 Code, § 9.52.030) (Ord. 2751, passed 9-3-57; Am. Ord. 3634, passed  - - )