(A)   License required.  No person shall sell, lease or distribute bingo supplies or equipment within the city without having first obtained a business license therefor in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 5.04 of this code.
   (B)   License fee.  The annual fee for the license required in division (A) above shall be $50. Such fee shall be due and payable in advance on January 1 of each year. If an applicant applies for such a license on or after July 1 of any year, the amount of the fee shall be one-half the annual rate for the balance of the calendar year.
   (C)   Penalties.  Whenever any license fee required by this chapter is not paid prior to the delinquency date specified in § 5.04.190 of this code, a penalty shall be due and is hereby imposed in the manner, as of the time and in the amount specified in § 5.04.192 of this code.
('86 Code, § 9.10.222) (Ord. 3730, passed  - - )