Whenever any person creating, causing, committing or maintaining a public nuisance as referred to in § 6.26.010 of this code or other public nuisance as defined under state law, the Alhambra Municipal Code, or other ordinance, resolution or regulation has been given notice by or on behalf of the City Attorney, or by any other city officer or employee authorized to give such notice, to abate such nuisance or cease and desist from continuing such nuisance or violation of law, and such person who was given notice fails, refuses or neglects to comply with the notice within the time specified therein, or if such a time is not specified, then within a time reasonably sufficient to enable such com-pliance, such noncomplying person shall be liable to the city for any and all costs and expenses to the city involved in thereafter abating the nuisance and in obtaining compliance with or enforcing the law as referred to or encompassed in the notice.
('86 Code, § 6.27.010) (Ord. 3883, passed  - - )