Section 633 is hereby added to Chapter VII of the Public Health Code to read as follows:
   Sec. 633 SPECIFICATIONS FOR RAT-PROOFING. In addition to the other requirements set forth in this chapter, any building or structure or portion thereof used for the storage or handling of any grain or grain product, or of any food or food product for human or animal consumption except dwellings or apartments, shall be ratproofed as hereinafter provided.
   SCREENING. All underfloor vents, openings in foundation, roof vents and skylights shall be screened by use of screening of at least ½-inch mesh hardware cloth.
   FOUNDATIONS. All foundations except as otherwise provided in this chapter shall be continuous foundations as specified in the uniform building code adopted by Title 20 of this code.
   Buildings erected without a continuous foundation and upon a slab of cement or asphaltic concrete not less than three inches in thickness need not be ratproofed as required, if a concrete curb not less than one foot in depth below finished grade is run continuously around and under the outside edges of such slab.
   Buildings under 400 square feet in area having an 18-inch clearance under the floor joists and supported on piers need not have the required continuous foundation.
   WALLS.  A 12-inch strip of noncorrodible metal lath weighing not less than three-fourths pound per square yard shall be placed under wall coverings on both inside and outside of all exterior stud walls at the floor level; except, that the strip need not be placed on the outside face when there is maintained a clearance of 18 inches under the floor joists, or when the exterior wall covering is stucco.
('86 Code, § 6.04.100) (Ord. 3217, passed  - - )