In lieu of Section 372 of the Public Health Code, the following section is hereby adopted:
   Sec. 372. TOILETS, LAVATORIES, DRESSING ROOMS.  All restaurants, itinerant restaurants, food establishments and slaughterhouses shall be provided with at least one toilet and one lavatory conveniently located therein or adjacent thereto. Location of all such toilets shall first be approved by the health officer. Each toilet shall be located in a room other than a room in which food is prepared, stored, cooked, served, or sold. In the case of itinerant restaurants only, toilets and lavatories required for the use of operators may with the approval of the health officer be located at places not over 300 feet distant from such restaurants.
   All the toilet rooms shall be provided with self-closing doors. All operators shall have access to such toilets. Toilet rooms shall be well ventilated and plumbed. The floors, walls, ceilings, lavatories and toilet bowls shall at all times be kept free from any accumulation of dirt, filth or corrosion, and in good repair. There shall be provided a lavatory or lava-tories where every operator shall be required to wash his hands immediately before starting work and after using the toilet.
   Separate toilets and lavatories shall be provided for the persons of each sex. There shall be provided for the persons of each sex at least one toilet for each multiple of 15 persons and for the remaining fraction of the multiple. Lavatories shall be provided upon the basis of one lavatory for each two toilets. Urinals may be substituted for toilets in such number as will not exceed one-half the number of toilets otherwise required. Each lavatory shall be supplied with hot and cold running water, soap in permanently installed dispensing devices, and individual towels together with a receptacle for their disposal.
   Where there are five or more operators a room shall be provided where operators may change and store their outer garments. Such room shall be provided with self-closing doors and shall be separated from toilet rooms, food storage rooms, or food preparation areas. No person shall dress or undress or store his clothing in any room other than as provided herein. Clothes-changing rooms shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.
   When the number of lavatories for any food operation is inadequate or their location is such that the use of them by operators will be inhibited, the Health Officer may order the installation of additional lavatories in such numbers of such character and at such locations as will insure the protection of the public health.
('86 Code, § 6.04.050) (Ord. 3217, passed  - - )