(A)   Hearing.  No license or permit issued pursuant to Title 5 of this code shall be revoked until a public hearing has been held thereon by the Business License Committee, and the licensee has been given notice in writing of the time and place of such hearing. Such notice shall be mailed at least five days before the hearing, by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the licensee at the address stated in his application or by delivering the same to the licensee personally.
   (B)   Action.  At the conclusion of such hearing, the Business License Committee may revoke any such license or permit if it finds any of the grounds set forth in § 5.28.030 to exist. If the Business License Committee finds that grounds for revocation of the license or permit do not exist, it shall reinstate the license or permit if the same has been suspended.
   (C)   Retention by city of business license fee. Upon revocation of a business license or permit, the city shall retain the license fee therefor to partially defray the expense to the city of conducting the public hearing required hereunder.
('86 Code, § 5.82.040) (Ord. 3671, passed  - - )