5.68.010   Definitions
   5.68.020   Regulations for operation
   5.68.030   Permit to engage in business required
   5.68.040   Liability insurance required
   5.68.050   Application for permit; information to be shown
   5.68.052   Regulation of rates, fares and charges
   5.68.060   Location stated on permit application; notification of change
   5.68.070   Public necessity required for issuance; regulations concerning insignia
   5.68.080   Issuance of permit
   5.68.090   Fees
   5.68.120   Location of taxi stands
   5.68.130   Marking stands
   5.68.140   Failure to pay fare unlawful
   5.68.150   Soliciting business
   5.68.160   Information to be displayed on exterior of taxicab
   5.68.170   Information to be displayed in interior
   5.68.180   Driver's permit required
   5.68.190   Driver's permit; application
   5.68.200   Issuance of driver's permit
   5.68.210   Fees for driver's permit
   5.68.250   State driver's license required of chauffeurs
   5.68.260   Transfer prohibited
   5.68.270   Permit card to be carried in vehicle
   5.68.280   Expiration; renewals
   5.68.290   Penalty
   5.68.300   Enforcement of chapter