(A)   Filing. The holder of a conditional use permit for an amusement center or the holder of any other business license issued by the city who desires to keep, maintain or possess in his or her place of business one or more games of skill and science shall file an application for a permit with the City Tax and License Collector.
   (B)   Signature and verification.  Such application shall be filed in the name of the person or business entity holding the conditional use permit or business license for the premises and shall be signed and verified by an individual applicant, by a partner if a partnership, and by a corporate officer if a corporation.
   (C)   Contents.  Such application shall be made upon a form therefor prescribed by the City Tax and License Collector and shall contain the following information:
      (1)   The name and residence of each and all persons required to sign any application hereunder;
      (2)   The place of business where any such proposed game of skill and science will be operated, maintained or conducted, and the number of the current business license issued for that place of business, and
      (3)   The number of such games to be main-tained on the premises.
('86 Code, § 5.38.030) (Ord. 3637, passed  - - )