It shall be the duty of all persons issued permits pursuant to the provisions of this chapter to furnish the Committee within 30 days after the solicitation has been completed, a detailed report and financial statement showing the amount raised by the solicitation, the amount expended in collecting such funds, including a detailed report of the wages, fees, commissions, and expenses paid to any person in connection with such solicitation, and the disposition of the balance of the funds collected by the solicita-tion. Such report shall be available for public inspection at the office of the Director of Finance at any reasonable time; provided, however, the Committee may extend the time for the filing of such report for an additional period of 30 days upon proof that the filing of the report within the time specified will work unnecessary hardship on the permit holder. The permit holder shall make available to the Committee, or to any person designated in writing by the Committee as its representative for such purpose, all books, records and papers whereby the accuracy of the report may be checked.
('86 Code, § 5.28.150) (Ord. 2774, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 3673, passed  - - )