(A)   Routes.  The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to peddling or soliciting newspapers, ice, ice cream, or water, or collecting and distributing laundry and dry cleaning, or to any person having a bakery route or milk and dairy products route.
   (B)   Agricultural products.  Nothing in this chapter shall apply to a resident of the city selling any agricultural or ranch product raised or produced by manual labor of such resident or members of his or her family upon land within the city which is owned or operated by him or her.
   (C)   Regularly established place of business. The provisions of this chapter relating to license requirements shall not apply to any person having a regularly established place of business in the city for the sale of such goods, wares or merchandise, or for the making, manufacturing or repairing of any article or thing whatsoever or to the agent of such person.
   (D)   Not exempted from Chapter 5.04.  The business and occupations listed in division (A) and (C) of this section shall not be exempted, however, from the provisions of Chapter 5.04 of this code.
('86 Code, § 5.24.094) (Ord. 3672, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 3962, passed  - - )