Notwithstanding the foregoing or any other provisions of this chapter, the Director of Finance may issue a principal solicitor's license to every person either employing or contracting with one or more individuals for solicitors' services as hereinbefore defined. If a principal solicitor should elect to use the provisions of this section, no principal solicitors' license shall be issued until the applicant files with the Director of Finance a list of all solicitors employed or retained by the applicant, or with whom the applicant has a contract, and unless the applicant executes an agreement that he or she will notify Finance in writing of every change in personnel of those soliciting for him or her. In such an event, the license fee for each solicitor shall be $10 per solicitor, and each individual solicitor shall obtain a permit in accordance with the provisions of this chapter relating to permit procedure. Nothing contained in this section shall be deemed to grant a principal solicitor the privilege of soliciting unless there is maintained in full force and effect for each individual solicitor a permit in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. The license fee for a principal solicitors' license shall be $300 per year, with no proration thereof.
('86 Code, § 5.24.071) (Ord. 3962, passed  - - )