(A)   Every person defined in § 5.16.010 of this code, whether or not he or she is licensed under this chapter, shall prepare buy forms as provided by this section and shall, at the close of each business day, mail to the Chief of Police all such buy forms made out during that day. Such buy forms shall contain a full, true and complete report of all goods, wares, merchandise or other things received on deposit, pledged or purchased during that day, except used tires or batteries which were taken in part payment for new tires or batteries and except merchandise originally sold new by the pawnbroker or dealer and subsequently taken as a trade-in on other merchandise sold by the same pawnbroker or dealer; and shall also contain other information required by the Chief of Police which, considering the type of business of those persons defined in § 5.16.010 hereof, may assist in the detection of stolen property. Blanks to be obtained from the Police Department as herein provided shall bear a caption providing blank spaces in which shall be written or printed the date of such report, the name and place of business of the person, firm or corporation making same, and the hour of the day when the same is received at the Police Depart-ment. Such blanks shall be so printed and subdivided as to contain spaces with the proper captions for the furnishing of the information required by this code. A copy of this chapter to be furnished by the Chief of Police shall be kept conspicuously posted in the place of business of every such pawnbroker or antique, secondhand or junk dealer.
   (B)   It shall be unlawful for any person to sign or give a fictitious name of address upon the deposit, sale or pledge of any goods, wares, merchandise or thing of value, or for use in the report form required to be made by the provisions of this section, or for use in the register required to be kept by the pro-visions of the Penal Code of the State of California.
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