(A)   Application for a license for a junk dealer or junk collector shall be made in writing to the Director of Finance and shall state the name of the applicant; the place of business or if there is no fixed place of business, the residence address of the applicant; and such other information as the Director of Finance may require. Such application shall contain a state-ment of the number of vehicles to be used in such business. Upon the receipt of any such application, the same shall be forwarded to the Chief of Police who shall investigate such applicant and shall report to the Director of Finance the results of such investigation.
   (B)   No license shall be issued to any person of bad character nor any person who shall have been convicted of receiving stolen goods, robbery or burglary nor to any firm or corporation of which a principal partner, shareholder or officer is a person of bad character or has been convicted of any such offense.
   (C)   Each such application shall be accompanied by an amount equal to the annual license fee provided herein. If such license is granted, such amount shall be applied to payment of the first year's license fee permit. If any such license shall be denied, such amount shall be retained by the city to cover the cost of its investigation.
('86 Code, § 5.16.060) (Ord. 1918, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 3501, passed  - - )