5.16.010   Definitions
   5.16.020   General license requirements
   5.16.022   Expiration; renewals
   5.16.024   Penalties
   5.16.030   Pawnbroker or secondhand dealer's license; application
   5.16.040   Pawnbroker's license; fee
   5.16.041   Fee for antique dealer's license
   5.16.042   Secondhand dealer's license; fee
   5.16.050   Display or storage prohibited outside building
   5.16.060   Junk dealer's or junk collector's license; application
   5.16.070   Junk dealer's license; fee
   5.16.072   Junk collector's license; fee
   5.16.090   Religious, charitable and educational institutions exempt from paying fees
   5.16.110   Buy-forms required
   5.16.120   Use of buy-forms; identification of seller or pledger
   5.16.130   Duty of seller to furnish license with identification
   5.16.140   Records and pledged property open to inspection
   5.16.150   Records of Chief of Police
   5.16.160   Goods to be held until 30 days after report of purchase
   5.16.170   Segregation of metal goods
   5.16.180   Altering goods during holding period; display
   5.16.190   Release of goods by Chief of Police
   5.16.200   Hold order by Chief of Police
   5.16.210   Export of goods purchased or received
   5.16.215   Property received from outside state
   5.16.220   Exemptions
   5.16.230   Certain articles exempt
   5.16.240   Purchases from established businesses exempt
   5.16.245   Agents and secondary dealers
   5.16.250   Furnishing licensee with regulations
Statutory reference:
   For provisions concerning the regulation of  pawnbrokers, see Cal. Fin. Code §§ 21000 et seq.