5.04.010   Revenue measure
   5.04.020   Definitions
   5.04.025   License required
   5.04.030   Separate license required for branch establishment
   5.04.035   Combination businesses
   5.04.050   Exemptions
   5.04.052   Exemption; highway carriers
   5.04.053   Exemption; recreational instructors and sports officials conducting city-sponsored programs
   5.04.054   Exemption; persons providing professional services to the city for a fee
   5.04.055   Exemption; persons participating in city-sponsored events
   5.04.060   Application for license
   5.04.061   Restricted businesses; approval by City Council
   5.04.062   License does not permit business otherwise prohibited
   5.04.063   Investigation; fee
   5.04.070   Affidavit and estimates of gross receipts
   5.04.080   Statements not conclusive; examination and audit of business records
   5.04.085   Refunds
   5.04.090   Information furnished in affidavits to be confidential
   5.04.100   Procedure upon failure to file statement or corrected statement
   5.04.110   Appeal from refusal to issue license; hearings
   5.04.120   Owner of collector to extend time for filing statements, waive penalties and compromise
   5.04.130   Licenses not transferable
   5.04.140   Effect of licensee changing ownership by adding or dropping partner
   5.04.142   Change in business name
   5.04.150   License tax not payable until expiration of license taxes previously paid
   5.04.160   Duplicate licenses
   5.04.170   Licenses to be posted or kept on person
   5.04.175   License decals to be placed on vehicles
   5.04.180   Due dates
   5.04.186   Expiration dates
   5.04.188   Renewals
   5.04.190   Delinquent dates
   5.04.191   Penalties
   5.04.192   Interest
   5.04.200   Tax schedules
   5.04.201   Parking and business improvement areas; special assessments
   5.04.202   Residential rental business
   5.04.203   Commercial property rental
   5.04.212   Outdoor advertising structures
   5.04.214   Christmas tree sales
   5.04.216   Wholesale sales of fireworks
   5.04.220   Enforcement of chapter
   5.04.230   Examination of places of business
   5.04.240   Right of entry; failure to exhibit license
   5.04.250   Complaints against violators of chapter
   5.04.260   Tax to be debt to city
   5.04.270   Civil and criminal action authorized; remedies to be  cumulative
   5.04.280   Resolutions adopting rules for enforcement