§ 3.50.222  HEARING.
   (A)   At the time set for the hearing, the City Council shall cause to be presented a full and accurate statement by the City Manager, or other person designated by him, of all of the information relating to the assessment district as proposed. Thereafter, any person desiring to do so may present any relevant oral or documentary evidence bearing upon the question as to whether the proposed district should be formed.
   (B)   Based upon the feasibility report and other material presented at the time of the hearing, the City Council shall form the district if it finds:
      (1)   That the public interest, convenience and necessity require the formation of such district; and
      (2)   That the service(s) proposed is necessary; and
      (3)   That the total estimated assessment is reasonable; and
      (4)   The assessment proposed on each lot is based upon a fair and reasonable benefit formula.
   (C)   The City Council may, prior to the close of the hearing, for good cause, modify the boundaries proposed for the district by excluding lots therefrom, by modifying the nature and extent of the service(s), and/or by modifying the benefit formula.
   (D)   If the City Council determines that written protests have been filed by the owners of lots which would be liable for more than 50% of the total proposed estimated assessment upon the district, it shall terminate the proceedings, unless by a four-fifths vote of all members of the City Council, such protests are expressly overruled by the City Council.
('86 Code, § 3.50.222) (Ord. 3997, passed  - - )