(A)   Protest.  The owner of any lot which is proposed for an inclusion within a proposed assess-ment district may file, at any time prior to the close of the formation hearing, a written protest, protesting the creation of such assessment district.
   (B)   Objection.  Any person who is the owner of a lot which is included within an assessment district may, prior to the close of a formation or assessment hearing, file a written objection.
   (C)   Contents of protest/objection.  Each written protest and/or objection shall contain the street address and the legal description of the lot to which it relates and the full name and mailing address of the person owning such lot, and such person's agent, if any. Each objection shall contain, in narrative style, a factual basis for such objection.
   (D)   Withdrawal.  Any person filing a protest and/or an objection may, in writing, withdraw such protest and/or objection at any time after the filing thereof.
('86 Code, § 3.50.020) (Ord. 3997, passed  - - )