§ 3.38.010  PURPOSE.
   (A)   A competitive proposal process shall be used for contracts for consulting and professional services over $3,500. The City Council finds and declares that the competitive bid process is ill-suited for the selection of consultants and professional services.
   (B)   Consultants are required for professional or technical expertise, and for matters requiring specialized abilities or a high degree of skill.
      (1)   Their numbers in relation to a particular skill or expertise required may be comparatively limited.
      (2)   Where consultants are involved, the bidding process is not likely to result in a lower price to the city, or to eliminate unnecessary expense or delay.
   (C)   CONSULTANT CONTRACTS include any contract that is not a public project or a contract for the purchase of supplies and equipment.
   (D)   Regardless of the method of contracting used, as set forth in this chapter, the City Clerk shall assign such contract a contract number for filing and tracking purposes.
(Ord. 4517, passed 2-25-08; Am. Ord. 4745, passed 10-22-18)