The Director of Finance shall be the head and have general supervision of the purchasing function. The Director of Finance shall:
   (A)   Ensure the purchase or contract for supplies and equipment by any using agency is in accordance with purchasing procedures prescribed by this chapter, policies and procedures the Director of Finance shall adopt for the internal management and operation of the purchasing function, and such other rules and regulations as shall be prescribed by the City Council or the City Manager.
   (B)   Ensure the city acts to procure the needed quality in supplies and equipment at least expense to the city.
   (C)   Discourage uniform bidding and endeavor to obtain as full and open competition as possible on all purchases.
   (D)   Prepare and recommend to the City Council rules governing the purchase of supplies and equipment for the city.
   (E)   Prepare and recommend to the City Council revisions and amendments to the purchasing rules.
   (F)   Prescribe and maintain such forms as reasonably necessary to the operation of this chapter and other rules and regulations.
   (G)   Approve the transfer of surplus or unused supplies and equipment between departments as needed, and the sale or disposition of supplies and equipment that cannot be used by any agency or have become unsuitable for city use.
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