(A)   Except for safety service police and fire personnel, each appointive official and employee of the city who shall have been in the employ of the city continuously for a period of not less than five years shall be entitled to one working day additional vacation credit at the end of such five-year period and at the end of each year of service in excess of five years, but not to exceed an aggregate of 20 working days' vacation credit, including both the 12 days' basic vacation credit and all additional vacation credit.
   (B)   In the case of any such appointive official or employee who completes five or more years of service, such additional vacation credit shall be credited to the official's or employee's account on his anniversary date following the end of such year of service. In the case of any such official or employee who has completed five or more years of service prior to the effective date of this amendment to this section, the additional vacation credit which would have been earned thereafter under this amendment shall be credited to such official's or employee's account forthwith.
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