At the discretion of each employee, and with the consent of the respective department head, compensa-tion for any overtime due and payable pursuant to this chapter may be by way of compensatory time-off at the rate of one and one-half times the amount of time worked by any such employee which is defined in § 2.51.010.
   (B)   Police Department employees, both sworn and non-sworn, shall be entitled to accrue such compensatory time up to a maximum of 100 hours. All other employees shall accrue such compensatory time up to a maximum of 80 hours.
   (C)   The city shall, to the extent that is reasonably practical, afford each employee the prompt use of his or her accrued compensatory time.
   (D)   All overtime earned in excess of the stated maximum for compensatory time shall be paid pursuant to § 2.51.010(A) of this code.
('86 Code, § 2.50.0200 (Ord. 4007, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 4265, passed 1-24-94)