(A)   Initial procurement.  The city shall pay to each person upon his or her initial employment by the city as a uniformed police officer the sum of not to exceed $300 to defray the expense in procuring his or her first uniform.
   (B)   Replacement of uniforms.  If, in the opinion of both the Chief of Police and the City Manager, any portion of the uniform of any member of the Police Department shall be so damaged or deteriorated as to require replacement, the city shall pay for a replace-ment for such damaged or deteriorated item of uniform; provided, however, the total cost to the city of replacement uniform items shall not exceed $300 in any one fiscal year, commencing with July 1, 1982. This division shall not be applicable to any newly hired officer until after such officer has completed one year of service with the city.
   (C)   Nonuniformed police officers.  Each non- uniformed police officer shall be reimbursed by the city for the actual amount expended by him to replace any damaged or deteriorated item of uniform. Each reimbursement request must be accompanied by a bill or payment receipt for each replacement item; and, in no event, shall the city's reimbursement to the nonuniformed police officer exceed the amount of his annual uniform allowance.
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