(A)   No person shall manufacture, make, sell, design, or transfer any official police officer's badge without the written authorization of the Chief of Police. Such person may deliver such badges only to the Chief of Police or his designated representative, and may manufacture only the number of badges authorized by the Chief of Police.
   (B)   No person shall manufacture, make, sell, design or transfer any badge, star, shield, miniature, ring, charm, or insignia, regardless of size, shape, or design, which has on it the words “Alhambra Police” or “Alhambra Detective” whether used separately, together, or in a combination with any other words indicating a connection with the Police Department, or which resembles or may be mistaken for, the design of the official police officer's badge, except as provided for in division (A) of this section.
('86 Code, § 2.42.015) (Ord. 3981, passed  - - )  Penalty, see § 1.12.010