For the reasons set forth herein, the following is hereby declared to be the policy of the city:
   (A)   It is the city's intent to protect and promote sound development and redevelopment of blighted areas within the city and the general welfare of the inhabitants of the community by remedying such injurious conditions through the employment of all means appropriate for that purpose;
   (B)   Whenever the redevelopment of blighted areas cannot be accomplished by private enterprise alone, without public participation and assistance in the acquisition of land, in planning and in the financing of land assembly, in the work of clearance and in the making of improvements necessary therefor, it is in the public interest to employ the power of eminent domain to advance or expend public funds for these purposes and to provide a means whereby the blighted areas within the city may be redeveloped or rehabilitated;
   (C)   The redevelopment of such blighted areas and the provision for appropriate continuing land use and construction policies therein constitute public uses and purposes for which public money should be advanced or expended and private property acquired, and are governmental functions of state and municipal concern in the interest of the health, safety and welfare of the people of the state generally and of the people of the city, in which such areas exist, in particular;
   (D)   It is in the public interest that work on such projects be commenced as soon as possible.
('86 Code, § 2.25.020) (Ord. 3364, passed  - - )