§ 2.20.070  POWERS AND DUTIES.
   The Director of Emergency Services/EOC Director is hereby empowered:
   (A)   To request the City Council to proclaim the existence of a “local emergency” if the City Council is in session, or to issue such proclamation if the City Council is not in session. Whenever a local emer-gency is proclaimed by the Director, the City Council shall take action to ratify the proclamation within seven days thereafter, or the proclamation shall have no further force or effect.
   (B)   To request the Governor of the state to proclaim a “state of emergency” when in the opinion of the Director the locally available resources of the city region are inadequate to cope with the emergency.
   (C)   To control and direct the effort of the emergency organization of the city for the accomplishment of the purpose of this chapter.
   (D)   To direct cooperation between and coordination of services and staff of the emergency organization of the city, and resolve questions of authority and responsibility that may arise between them.
   (E)   To represent the city in all dealings with public or private agencies pertaining to emergencies as defined herein.
   (F)   To exercise any and all other powers given to him or her and to take whatever other actions may be required of him or her by the city's Multi-Hazard Functional Plan.
('86 Code, § 2.20.070) (Ord. 3976, passed  - - )