(A)   Officers and employees of the city named in this section, before entering upon the discharge of their official duties, are hereby required to give and execute to the city official bonds in the amounts designated for each such officer or employee respectively:
      (1)   The City Manager in the penal sum of $25,000;
      (2)   The Purchasing Agent in the penal sum of $25,000;
      (3)   The Director of Finance in the penal sum of $100,000;
      (4)   The Cashier-Clerk in the office of the Director of Finance in the penal sum of $15,000;
      (5)   The City Clerk in the penal sum of $25,000.
   (B)   Each and every other employee of the city in the amount of $10,000, including the Chief of Police and officers assigned to desk and records division and stenographer-clerks of the Police Department, and excluding all other employees of the Police Department.
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