(A)   There shall be no civil liability on the part of and no cause of action shall arise against any person acting pursuant to this chapter and within the scope of his or her authority for false arrest or false imprisonment arising out of any arrest which is lawful or which the arresting city officer or employee at the time of such arrest had reasonable cause to believe was lawful. No such city officer or employee shall be deemed an aggressor or lose his or her right to self-defense by use of reasonable force to effect the arrest or to prevent escape or to overcome resistance.
   (B)   Nothing in this chapter is intended to or shall operate to change or shall have the effect of changing the status of any city “miscellaneous” officer or employee who is charged by any provision in this code with the enforcement thereof to that of an individual peace officer or safety member for purposes of retirement, workers compensation or similar injury or death benefits, or any other employee benefits to which the city “miscellaneous” officer or employee would not have been entitled to as a city “miscellaneous” officer or employee prior to the adoption hereof.
('86 Code, § 1.12.050) (Ord. 3935, passed  - - )