When a person signs a written promise to appear at the time and place specified in the written promise to appear and has not posted bail as provided in Cal. Penal Code § 853.1, the magistrate shall issue and have delivered for execution a warrant for his or her arrest in 20 days after his or her failure to appear as promised, or if such person promises to appear before an officer authorized to accept bail other than a magistrate and fails to do so on or before the date on which he or she promised to appear, then, within 20 days after the delivery of such written promise to appear by the officer to a magistrate having jurisdiction over the offense. The officer shall deliver one copy of the notice to appear to the arrested person and the arrested person, in order to secure release, must give his or her written promise so to appear in court by signing the duplicate notice which shall be retained by the officer; thereupon the arresting officer shall forthwith release the person arrested from custody.
('86 Code, § 1.12.040) (Ord. 2805, passed  - - )