(A)   Application procedures. An application for placement of art work on private property shall be submitted to the Planning Division and shall include:
      (1)   Preliminary sketches, photographs or other documentation of sufficient descriptive clarity to indicate the nature of the proposed art work;
      (2)   An appraisal or other evidence of the value of the proposed art work, including acquisition and installation costs;
      (3)   Preliminary plans containing such detailed information as may be required by the city to adequately evaluate the location of the art work in relation to the proposed development, and its compatibility with the proposed development, including compatibility with the character of adjacent conforming developed parcels and existing neighborhood if necessary to evaluate the proposal; and
      (4)   A narrative statement to be submitted to the city Art in Public Places Committee to demonstrate that the art work will be displayed in an area open and freely available to the general public at least ten hours each day, or otherwise provide public accessibility in an equivalent manner based on the characteristics of the art work or its placement on the site.
   (B)   Approval.
      (1)   Completed applications shall be submitted to the city Art in Public Places Committee for review and approval of the art work, considering the aesthetic quality and harmony of the art work with the existing on-site improvements, and the proposed location of and public accessibility to the art work.
      (2)   Any person may seek review of a city Art in Public Places Committee decision made pursuant to division (B)(1) by filing an appeal in accordance with § 23.76.090 of this code. For purposes of appeal under this section, the reference to the “Director of Community Development or Department staff” as used in Chapter 23.76, shall be deemed to mean Arts in Public Places Committee.
(Ord. 4417, passed 9-10-01; Am. Ord. 4684, passed 2-8-16; Am. Ord. 4735, passed 5-14-18)