§ 23.81.010 PURPOSE.
   The City Council finds and declares:
   (A)   Cultural and artistic resources enhance the quality of life for individuals living in, working in and visiting the city.
   (B)   Balanced development of cultural and artistic resources preserves and improves the quality of the urban environment and increases real property values.
   (C)   Cultural and artistic resources are an important aspect of educating and enhancing the community of the City, and supporting outside art projects such as the Pasadena Rose Parade Float help to serve this goal.
   (D)   As development and revitalization of the real property within the City continues, the opportunity for creation of cultural and artistic resources is diminished.
   (E)   As this development and revitalization continues as a result of market forces, urbanization of the community results.
   (F)   As these opportunities are diminished and this urbanization occurs, the need to develop alternative sources for cultural and artistic outlets to improve the environment, image and character of the community is increased.
   (G)   Development of cultural and artistic assets should be financed by those whose development and revitalization diminishes the availability of the community’s resources for those opportunities and contributes to community urbanization.
   (H)   Establishment of this Arts in Public Places Program will promote the general welfare through balancing the community’s physical growth and revitalization and its cultural and artistic resources.
(Ord. 4417, passed 9-10-01; Am. Ord. 4597, passed 3-26-12)