(A)   The following provisions shall govern applications for a land use decision regarding hazardous waste facility projects.
   (B)   An application for siting, expanding or modifying a hazardous waste facility project shall require a conditional use permit granted pursuant to the requirements of this chapter.
      (1)   All hazardous waste facility projects shall meet the criteria listed in §§ 17.50.09 through 17.50.34 herein, unless the Planning Commission makes a project-specific finding, based on public health and safety reasons, that one or more of such criteria should be amended or are not applicable to the project.
      (2)   Hazardous waste facility projects in the city shall be sited only in IPD zones.
   (C)   The Director of Community Development shall not accept an application for a land use decision unless it is accompanied by the appropriate fees, as established by resolution of the City Council.
(Ord. 4499, passed 8-13-07; Am. Ord. 4735, passed 5-14-18)