17.12.010   When required
   17.12.020   When not required
   17.12.030   Transfer of permit rights to successor of permittee
   17.12.040   Permits not transferable
   17.12.050   Permit applications
   17.12.060   Plans showing collection and treatment methods
   17.08.070   When plans not required for permit
   17.12.080   Property use permits
   17.12.090   Permit from state public Works Department
   17.12.100   Notification of officers on filing of permit application
   17.12.110   Conditions for issuance of permit
   17.12.120   Limitations and conditions of permits
   17.12.130   Time limitation on work performed under contract
   17.12.140   Action on permit application; notification
   17.12.150   Demand for hearing
   17.12.160   Notice of violation
   17.12.170   Effect of serving notice of violation
   17.12.180   Suspension and revocation
   17.12.190   Recommendation to revoke suspended permit
   17.12.200   Notice of suspension or recommendation of revocation of permit
   17.12.210   Discontinuance of discharge upon notice of violation or suspension of permit
   17.12.220   Correcting conditions or filing denial
   17.12.230   Reinstatement of suspended permit
   17.12.240   Public hearing
   17.12.250   Action by Council after hearing