14.08.002   Policy relative to trees on public facilities
   14.08.004   Policy relative to the planting of street trees
   14.08.006   Policy relative to the removal of street trees
   14.08.008   Size of replacement trees
   14.08.010   Superintendent; defined
   14.08.020   Powers of Superintendent
   14.08.030   Duties of Superintendent
   14.08.040   Interference prohibited
   14.08.050   Filing requests for cutting, trimming
   14.08.060   Information required on request; written agreement
   14.08.070   Permit to cut, trim, required
   14.08.080   Issuance and term of cutting permit
   14.08.090   When liquids injurious to tree life prohibited
   14.08.100   Approval necessary for placement of stone, cement
   14.08.110   Permission required to attach wire, rope
   14.08.120   Protection during erection, repair of buildings
   14.08.130   Authority to refuse permission to trim, prune
   14.08.140   Moving buildings generally
   14.08.150   Inspection on public or private property to locate hazardous conditions
   14.08.160   Removal of hazards on public property
   14.08.170   Removal of hazards on private property
   14.08.180   Removal procedure when notice of objection filed
   14.08.190   Liability of city; duty of private property owners
   For further provisions concerning the power of the city to plant trees, see Charter § 61(48)