Whenever this chapter provides for a hearing and a notice therefor, such notice shall be given as follows:
   (A)   One publication in a newspaper published and circulated in the city.
   (B)   Mailing of such notices, postage prepaid, in a sealed envelope, by the United States mail, addressed to all businesses which conduct activities within any proposed or established parking and business improvement area, as shown upon the active business licenses on file in the office of the Director of Finance.
   (C)   Both publication and mailing of notices shall be completed at least ten days prior to the holding of any hearing required by this chapter, and such notices shall contain the designation of the time and place of the hearing and a statement describing the subject matter of such hearing. In the case of any hearing upon a resolution of intention, a complete copy of the resolution of intention shall be published and mailed as provided in this section.
('86 Code, § 12.32.030) (Ord. 3346, passed  - - )