There are hereby established the following rules and regulations governing the use of the public parking lots owned and established by the city:
   (A)   No motor vehicle having an overall length of more than 20 feet, or an overall width of more than 7½ feet, shall be parked in any such parking lot. Such overall length and width shall include the length and width of any load carried by such motor vehicle.
   (B)   No motor vehicle having a gross weight of more than 6,000 pounds shall be parked in any such parking lot.
   (C)   Motor vehicles shall be parked in such parking lots within the places designated by markers and as nearly in the center of the designated stalls as possible and no vehicle shall be parked by backing into the stall.
   (D)   No person shall drive in such parking lots on any other than the designated roadways, and then drive in the direction only as designated by signs or pavement markings.
   (E)   No person shall drive on any roadway in such parking lots at a greater speed than five miles per hour.
   (F)   No motor vehicle shall be parked and left unattended on any roadway in any such parking lot.
   (G)   No person shall use any portion of such parking lots in a manner so as to endanger the person or property of another.
   (H)   No person shall use any such parking lot as a place for the buying and selling of merchandise of any kind whatsoever.
   (I)   No person shall distribute literature or throw handbills in such parking lots or into any car while parking in such parking lots.
   (J)   Such parking lots shall not be used as a place for all-night parking.
   (K)   When authorized signs are in place on any such parking lot giving notice of parking limitations, no person shall stop, stand or park any vehicle on any such parking lot for a period of time longer than indicated by such signs. On any calendar day, successive acts of parking within a distance of 300 feet on any such parking lot shall be deemed a single act of parking within the meaning of this chapter, subject to the longest parking limitation applicable to the portion of such parking lot lying between the parking places so used.
   (L)   No person shall sleep in the elevators or obstruct the lawful use of the elevators.
   (M)   No person shall sleep or store personal belongings in any area of such parking lots, including in designated parking stalls, under the stairs, or on the roof.
   (N)   No person shall be allowed in such parking lots except during the hours when such parking lots are open for parking vehicles.
   (O)   No person shall loiter in such parking lots except that any person may walk to and from a car that is legally parked in such parking lots.
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