§ 12.24.200  PARKING LOT TWENTY.
   The following described area shall constitute an off-street parking zone and shall be known as parking lot 20:
   That certain 30 foot westerly portion and that certain 30 foot southerly portion, as well as ingress and egress thereto from First Street, of Lots 36 and 38 in Block B of the Pomeroy and Stimson's Sub-division as recorded in Book 13, Page 51 of Records in the office of the Los Angeles County Recorder.
   This section shall cease to be operative upon the expiration of that certain Lease Agreement, dated July 1, 1984, by and between the City of Alhambra and the Mandarin Baptist Church of Los Angeles, for lease by the city of 18 spaces for municipal parking purposes upon the real property located at 201 North First Street.
('86 Code, § 12.24.200) (Ord. 3957, passed  - - )