The following described area shall constitute an off-street parking lot and shall be known as parking lot 18:
   All of Lot 11 and that portion of Lot 10, Block A, of W. E. Ferguson's Subdivision, as shown on map recorded in Book 13, Page 92 of Miscellaneous Records, in the office of the County Recorder of the county, described as follows:
   Beginning at the northeasterly corner of the Lot 10: thence westerly along the northerly line of Lot 10 to the northwesterly corner of Lot 10; thence southerly along the westerly line of Lot 10, a distance of 17.34 feet; thence northeasterly along a straight line to its intersection with a point 3.07 feet southerly of the northeasterly corner of Lot 10, measured along the easterly line of Lot 10; thence northerly along the easterly line of Lot 10 to the point of beginning.
('86 Code, § 12.24.180) (Ord. 3495, passed  - - )