The following described area shall constitute an off-street parking meter zone and shall be known as parking lot 15:
   A portion of that land described as Parcel 17-5 in final order of condemnation by the Superior Court of the state of California in and for the county of Los Angeles, Case 620466, a certified copy of which was recorded in book 51610, page 40 of official records in the office of the County Recorder, the portion of land being a portion of the southeast quarter of section eight, township one south, range 12 west, S.B.M., more particularly described as follows:
   A triangular shaped piece of land bounded on the northwest by Huntington Drive South on the south-west by Main Street South: on the east by the northerly production of Hampden Terrace; and on the northeast by the northwesterly extension of Main Street North; the triangular shaped piece of land being more particularly shown on drawing 50 x 072 in the office of the Director of Public Works of the city.
('86 Code, § 12.24.150) (Ord. 3206, passed  - - )