The notice of delinquent violations shall contain the information specified in § 11.38.070 of this code, and, additionally, shall contain a notice to the registered owner that, unless the registered owner pays the penalty or contests the citation within ten days after mailing of the notice of delinquent violation or completes and files an affidavit of non liability which complies with Cal. Veh. Code §§ 40208 or 40209, the renewal of the vehicle registration shall be contingent upon compliance with the notice of delinquent violation. If the registered owner, by appearance or by mail, makes payment to the Finance Department within ten days of the mailing of the notice of delinquent violation, the penalty shall consist of the amount of the original penalty without any additional administrative fees or charges.
('86 Code, § 11.38.090) (Ord. 4236, passed  - - )