§ 11.16.130  NOTICES.
   (A)   Any person to whom a permit is issued shall notify the Director of Public Safety and the Director of Public Works not less than 24 hours in advance of the time any such operation or movement is to commence.
   (B)   If the load is a house move originating or terminating in the city, the permittee shall also, not less than 24 hours in advance of the commencement of any such operation or movement, notify the Southern California Edison Company, the Southern California Gas Company, the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, and any other public utility affected by such proposed operation or movement. If required by the Director of Public Works, the permittee shall also, before commencing any such operation or movement, together with representatives of the utility companies affected, inspect the proposed route in order to determine possible hazards or obstructions and to ascertain means of avoiding same.
('86 Code, § 11.16.130) (Ord. 3103, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 3732, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 4062, passed  - - )