A.   The council may either suspend for up to sixty (60) days or revoke any liquor license, or impose a civil fine established in section 3-1-3 of this code, for each violation upon finding that the licensee has failed to comply with any provision of this chapter, any city ordinance or any other applicable statute, regulation, or ordinance relating to alcoholic beverages. Except in cases of failure of financial responsibility, no suspension or revocation shall take effect until the licensee has been afforded an opportunity for a hearing pursuant to Minnesota statutes sections 14.57 to 14.69 of the administrative procedure act. (Ord. 2017-01, 1-3-2017)
   B.   Lapse of required dramshop insurance or bond, or withdrawal of a required deposit of cash or securities, shall effect an immediate suspension of any license issued pursuant to this chapter without further action of the city council. Notice of cancellation, lapse of a current liquor liability policy or bond, or withdrawal of deposited cash or securities shall also constitute notice to the licensee of the impending suspension of the license. The holder of a license who has received notice of lapse of required insurance or bond, or withdrawal of a required deposit, or of suspension or revocation of a license, may request a hearing thereon, and if such a request is made in writing to the clerk, a hearing shall be granted within ten (10) days or such longer period as may be requested. Any suspension under this subsection shall continue until the city council determines that the financial responsibility requirements of this chapter have again been met. (2005 Code)