A.   Definitions: For the purpose of this section, the following words, terms and abbreviations shall have the meanings set out in this subsection, unless the context specifically indicates otherwise:
      CITY: The city of Albertville, Wright County, Minnesota.
      CITY SANITARY SEWER SYSTEM: Any part of the network of sanitary sewer connections and pipes, including the sanitary sewer treatment plant located within the city of Albertville, or any lines outside of the city of Albertville, but which connect to and are serviced by the Albertville sanitary sewer treatment plant.
      OWNER: An individual or entity holding legal or equitable title to property within the city of Albertville.
      SANITARY SEWER CONNECTION: The act of connecting any property or structure to the city sanitary sewer system such that said property or structure is able to discharge fluids into the city sanitary sewer system.
      SANITARY SEWER DISTRICT: A geographical division of property within the city providing the basis for the sanitary sewer trunk access charge.
      SANITARY SEWER TRUNK ACCESS CHARGE: A charge imposed by the city for connection to the city trunk sewer line within a given sanitary sewer district.
   B.   Sanitary Sewer Districts: The city hereby establishes a sanitary sewer district over all property within the city borders.
   C.   Access Charge Imposed; Exemptions: Sanitary sewer trunk access charges shall be imposed on all land within each sanitary sewer district so as to reimburse the costs associated with the installation of trunk lines, lift stations and other necessary sewer collection facilities. The city council may, by resolution, exempt from the sanitary sewer trunk access charge those lands within each sanitary sewer district which are already connected to the city sanitary sewer or which have been previously assessed for the costs of the installation of sanitary sewer trunk facilities. No connection shall be made to the city sanitary sewer system serving the property of any person or occupants of the land, parcel or premises upon which sanitary sewer trunk access charges remain unpaid. (Ord. 2004-25, 12-20-2004)
   D.   Amount Of Charge: The sanitary sewer trunk access charge, as established in section 3-1-3 of this code, shall be collected per gross acre of land which is subdivided or connected to the sewer system. (Ord. 2017-01, 1-3-2017)
   E.   Method Of Calculating Charge: The sanitary sewer trunk access charge shall be based on the gross area of land on the plat or other property being subdivided, including all outlots. The city council shall have the power to change the basis on which such charges are calculated.
   F.   Time Of Payment:
      1.   All trunk access charges shall be paid to the city at the earlier of:
         a.   Final plat approval for any plat in which a new sanitary sewer connection is required for any property in such plat which is located within a sanitary sewer district; or
         b.   Issuance of a building permit by the city for which a new sanitary sewer connection is required within a sanitary sewer district.
      2.   No final plat approval or building permits shall be issued prior to payment of the trunk access charges unless other arrangements for the payment of the sanitary sewer trunk access charge are made and approved by the City.
      3.   Payment shall be in cash or by check acceptable to the City Clerk and/or Administrator.
   G.   Use Of Charges: The City may establish one or more trunk sewer funds and may credit all trunk access charges to such funds. Such funds may, as determined by Council resolution, be used to offset costs incurred in the installation of existing or future sewer lines, or any debt service incurred in the past or to be incurred in the future to finance the sanitary sewer expansions, improvements, or any combination of the above.
   H.   Provisions Not Limiting: This section in no way precludes the City Council from adopting additional ordinances imposing other sewer related charges in lieu of assessments, or other such ordinances relating to area or service charges with regard to the City sanitary sewer system, nor does this section preclude the City from assessing to property owners the costs related to the installation of sewer lines, trunk mains and other sewer related facilities installed by the City. Nothing contained in this section shall act to revoke the existing sewer access charges. (Ord. 2004-25, 12-20-2004)