A.   Late Charge: In the event a person charged with a code offense fails to pay the civil penalty and correct or abate the code offense for which a citation was issued within the prescribed time, a late charge shall be imposed thereon as established in section 3-1-3 of this code for each seven (7) days the civil penalty remains unpaid and the code offense remains uncorrected or unabated beyond the due date. (Ord. 2004-06, 9-7-2004; amd. Ord. 2017-01, 1-3-2017)
   B.   Responsibility For Charges; Authority Of City To Collect: An unpaid civil penalty and accrued late charges will constitute a personal obligation of the person(s) to whom the citation was issued, and the city shall have the right to collect such unpaid civil penalty and accrued late charges, together with the city's costs and reasonable attorney fees, in criminal or civil proceedings.
   C.   Charges A Lien: Pursuant to Minnesota statutes sections 429.101 and 514.67 and other applicable law, a lien in the amount of the civil penalty and any accrued late charges may be assessed against the property where the code offense occurred and collected in the same manner as taxes. Any such assessment shall not preclude the city from issuing additional citations for a continuing code offense, nor shall it preclude the city from making additional assessments against the same property resulting from a continuing or new code offense.
   D.   Suspension Or Revocation Of License Or Permit: The city may suspend or revoke a license or permit or other approval associated with the code offense if the civil penalty and accrued late charges are not timely paid. (Ord. 2004-06, 9-7-2004)