A license granted under § 114.04 may be revoked, or suspended for a specified period of time, by the Town Council President, or by the Town Council on majority vote of the members present, if he, she or they find that the licensee has falsified any information on the application or is failing to conduct the business in accordance with this chapter or other applicable laws and ordinances. A written notice of the revocation or suspension shall be served on the licensee or his or her representative by the Town Marshal or by mail to his or her last known address, and it shall thereafter be unlawful for the licensee to continue to conduct his or her business after the revocation or during the term when the license suspension is in effect. However, if the license has been revoked or suspended by action of the Town Council President alone, the action may be appealed to the whole Council at its next regular meeting (or at a special meeting called for that purpose), and the Council may restore the license or amend the President's order.
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